The Price Is Right Baby Shower Game


Preperation for this free baby shower game:

Before the shower, go to the store and purchase 10-12 baby items. Be sure to keep the reciept, so you know how much you spent on each baby item.

The items above are examples of baby items you could use. Any baby item that matches your specific theme would be excellent items to have! Then, make a list of the baby items on one side and a blank line on the other.


How to play this free baby shower game:

  • During the shower, give each guest a list and a pen.
  • Show each item to the group and have them write it down what they think it costs.
  • Then have them add up their prices for all the items.
  • The closest one to the actual total on your reciept (minus taxes) is the winner!

Present the expectant mother with the baby items. She will need them!