Snow White Birthday

The theme of a birthday party is very important to every child, so when Ana Maria decided she wanted a Snow White extravaganza, her mother went all out to create a party that would turn out to be any little girl’s dream.



I’ve never seen a room so transformed! Stepping into this party felt just like I was walking into the woods towards The Seven Dwarfs cottage. Faux bushes lined the walls to perfectly frame a hand-painted mural of Snow White, as baskets of flowers and red apples scattered across the floor. 



A banquet table was the centerpiece of the room and was practically bursting with tantalizing desserts, such as mini bundt cakes topped with fondant “poison” apples, cupcakes, sugar cookies, and macaroons. Not to mention the spectacular custom, 3-tiered, Disney cake, hand painted with all the characters and decorated with edible, fondant flowers. 



I was truly blown away by the attention to detail that was put into this party. From the tiny candied mirrors to the wooden serving trays, this Snow White celebration was definitely a birthday that Ana Maria is sure to always remember.

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