Princess Baby Shower

Every girl deserves to be treated like a princess and what better time to be pampered like royalty then during your baby shower? This princess themed baby shower definitely made a statement with its lush flower arrangements, opulent platters, and lavish color palette.

Pink and white textiles draped the walls and clothed the tables, while delicate votives and ornate mirrors adorned the room. The touches of gold really created a regal, yet fun environment that everyone at the party felt as soon as they walked in.

The flowers were exceptionally eye-catching and added a flair to the ambiance. Different petal textures were combined with various shades of pink and purple to create unique floral arrangements that made the entire room pop.


Gold baroque platters were filled with crown and flower shaped sweets that were delicately placed around the three-tiered cake that was topped with, what else, but a gold tiara fit for a princess!

The guests sat down at tables that were draped with glittery, golden table runners topped with lovely photos of the parents-to-be. Delicate pink ribbons were tied around each dining room chair, giving everyone in attendance their own special place. There was even a plush, white throne for the soon-to-be mother at the head of the room!

Needless to say, the princess baby shower was as beautiful as it was entertaining, where everyone left feeling as if they had just had a taste of the royal life.