Pretty In Pink Baby Shower


Making a soon-to-be mommy feel special during her baby shower is the most important part of any shower, so I really wanted to deck this one out with all the (pink!) trimmings.
For my friend’s shower we decided on the theme “Pretty in Pink,” not only because she was having a girl, but because it just so happened to also be her favorite color. However, if you don’t know the baby’s gender you can use a fun, yet neutral pallet, such as pastel yellows and greens.
At this shower everyone was definitely seeing through rose colored glasses, and not just because of all the rosé! We filled the space with pink and white roses that we bought from the flower district in downtown Los Angeles. Getting them wholesale enabled us to get twice the amount we would have gotten from the boutique flower stores nearby.
I kept the stems long and put them in glass vases that I tied with beautiful pink ribbons. To make the flower pieces look even more elegant I filled the vases with bubbly water, giving them an extra special touch!



The first thing I wanted the guests to see when they walked in was the dessert table that I adorned with a welcome sign I made myself out of c onstruction paper, doilies and clothes pins- all things I found at my local arts and crafts store.
I filled the table with sweet treats, pink trinkets and flowers, which immediately gave the shower the girly girl vibe I was going for. The best part was the giant stuffed bear and basket filled with baby essentials that sat next to the table. Not only were they gifts for Mom, but both acted as props for the baby shower games (two for one deal!).
I wanted to make the table settings simple, yet beautiful, so I put pink, cloth napkins on white plates. The contrast of colors was striking. I also really wanted to customize everyone’s place setting, so I wrote names on pink tags that I bought online. By tying them around the napkins with ribbon they acted as adorable place cards.


What’s a party without presents? We definitely didn’t want anyone to leave empty handed! We all know how expensive parting gifts can be, so by making little pedicure kits with mason jars I was able to give all the girls something they could pamper themselves with when they got home.
Needless to say, the Mommy-to-be was incredibly happy with her pretty pink baby shower. Another DIY success!