Pedicure In A Jar

Baby Shower Party Favor


This Pedicure in a Jar is the perfect DIY gift! This is a great party favor idea for a baby shower.
This Pedicure in a jar is great because you can make 1 or 20 depending on how you’re going to use them.
Plus, they’re fairly inexpensive. How cute would it be to give these away at a baby shower as a party favor
or prize? Decorate the Mason jar with ribbon and stickers, and know that your guests will LOVE this!




Nail polish
Nail File, nail clippers, toe separators, push stick
Cotton Rounds
Ribbon, Tags and Labels



  1. To assemble, place a small stack of cotton rounds in the bottom of each jar, and then add the pedicure tools and polishes.
  2. Decorate your jars with personalized labels and tags, and then add some cute coordinating ribbon for the finishing touch.