Oh Joy It’s a Boy!


A day that is dedicated to the most joyous moments in a mother’s life should be filled with elegance, class, and beauty and this baby shower embodies just that. From the classic blue and white color scheme, mommy and baby boy-to-be are celebrated in the most elegant way.



Bringing some fun and games into your day, this cute and creative baby shower bingo will be a great addition to the whole day.  Keeping the fun going, the main attraction will be the make your own baby onesies. Having stencils of all different designs and paints of all colors allows each one of your guests to create their own individualized baby onesies for soon to be baby boy. This special little craft is just another perfect way to allow mom to have memories for a lifetime, each time she goes to put one on baby boy.



With all the fun and games going on, your guests are bound to get hungry and with this most decadent dessert table you can satisfy their cravings.  Providing a spread of many different desserts you will surely leave your guests full. From a beautifully arranged fruit platter to the most delicious chocolate brownies, you lead way to some of the cutest cookies you would have ever seen. Each cookie is designed in either a shape of a blue onesie or piped with white frosting baby feet or a cute tiny blue bow. These delicious cookies are not the only things available for your guests. Alongside them is a batch of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes topped with bright blue baby feet decorations.



Staying with the classic blue and white baby shower theme, you have a beautifully designed tow tiered cake that embodies just that. From the blue and white stripes and bow, the baby shoes placed on the top tier, to the ABC blocs descending down the cake, this is everything mommy to be count ever want. This entire event is classic, fun, and adorable and is sure to keep guests entertained and make memories for a lifetime.


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