Isla Rose’s Very Pink 2nd Birthday Party

Isla Rose’s 2nd birthday left me feeling elated! Her mom took the idea of birthday balloons and elevated it to the next level, to say the least. I could only describe the setting as “minimalistic beauty” with the monochromatic color pallet and contemporary design. 



The birthday girly girl had balloons in pinks and whites sprinkled all over the party, including a balloon arbor that arched over a delicately set table filled with yummy desserts. 



The sweets were just out of the reach of all the little two-year-old hands who couldn’t wait to get their fingers on them. Honestly, I could barely hold myself back from devouring the powdery pink macaroons, cake pops, iced cupcakes, and sugar cookies, but I contained myself.



Pink and white roses ran down the middle of the blush-colored dining table impeccably set for the tiny partygoers. Each guest even got their own sparkly, gold crown at their place setting, allowing everyone to feel like they were princesses for the day! 


Across from the table was fireplace what was also filled with more bubbly balloons, but what sat on its crest was a true show stopper. The word “Two” was fashioned out of rose filled wreaths, displaying to the entire party just how old this big girl was getting! 



I had never been at a two-year-old’s birthday party that was simultaneously cute and sophisticated, and I was truly blown away. The setting would have been appropriate for anyone’s birthday turning either 2 or 42. And you can be sure I took some notes for the next birthday bash I throw!

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