Hot Cocoa In A Mason Jar


I love making handmade gifts for baby showers! Especially homemade gifts from the kitchen! This Hot chocolate is so delicious – the loved ones on your guest list will love scooping this ready to go mix into a mug at your next baby shower!

Fill a clean Mason Jar with: Prepared Hot Chocolate Mix, then add a layer of Semisweet chocolate chips, powdered milk, powdered sugar and top with mini marshmallows. You don’t have to be exact with the measurements!



3 tbsp. powdered milk

3 tbsp. powdered creamer

3 tbsp. powdered sugar

2 tbsp.cocoa powder

marshmallow on top




To finish it off add cute printables!  All you need is some craft paper, a printer, and the hot chocolate ingredients and you have yourself the perfect little gift! Plus, they are super affordable and only take 10 minutes to assemble, which is always a bonus!

I love this type of gift because, in addition to being super cute and easy to make, it’s also one of those gifts that won’t add clutter. Your guests can simply use up the hot cocoa mix and then repurpose the cute jar for something else. Love that!