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During the holiday season it is always a bit of a challenge to find beautiful and classic Hanukkah decorations due to stores being flooded with all kinds of Christmas decor. I have been getting all kinds of inquiry about where to find the best Hanukkah garnishing and want to share a bit about my findings and how you can too decorate and celebrate this Hanukkah season. I’ve been able to design my home this Hanukkah season by shopping different items through  Amazon, Home Goods, Etsy, and Michaels. Pulling together different Hanukkah items and arranging them in a way that not only makes your home look classic but also showcase this holiday in a fun way the whole family can enjoy.

Starting with the dining room, I have replaced each candle with one of blue or silver to bring that pop of color while also incorporating the Hanukkah colors and having them sit in beautiful silver candlestick holders. To contrast the silver is this beautiful golden leaf menorah that sits center of the table to really draw eyes to this whole extravagant but chic centerpiece while being encompassed by silver and gold beads and navy blue flowers strewn throughout the center of the table. Next to the table, is the credenza that has been arranged with golden branches that have delicate Star of David ornaments hanging from 4 different branches while being encompassed by Hanukkah designed candles sitting on 4 separate candle sits, making these branches the center of attention.

Continuing the Hanukkah decor throughout the house is a white bare tree forest, lit up with mini lights and has personalized menorah ornaments with each family members name written on each. Along with these menorah are gold and blue dreidel ornaments to bring pop from the white and silver colors. I happened to find these adorable blue light up present decorations ranging in different sizes that sit in front of the most perfect large glittery blue dreidel that spins. This section is the ideal place to decorate by placing presents around so the whole family can have a central place of celebration.

Moving on to the rest of the house, I have embodied the Hanukkah spirit by replacing candles throughout the entryway of the house and the living room to blue and silver along with putting pops of gold to pull together the entire Hanukkah decor. I was also able to find these stunning large blue poinsettia flowers placed in a white vase that really helps pull together the whole decor while placing one of my favorite pieces, a crystal dreidel, alongside all these Hanukkah inspired decorations.

I hope this has not only inspired you but provided help and a list of possibilities for those to shop around and find beautiful pieces from all different stores to perfectly design your home during this Hanukkah holiday.

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