Elegant Tea Party Baby Shower


Playing tea party as a little girl was always filled with whimsey, and even as adults, dressing up and sipping tea out of dainty porcelain cups sparks that same fun feeling!
This is why when my friend asked me to help throw a baby shower I came up with the idea of a tea party themed event. Brunch immediately seemed like the perfect time to have the baby shower and we got to work planning the decorations.
Having eye-catching centerpieces are crucial when it comes to setting the tone of the party, so we chose to place pink and white flowers on all the tables. We went to the flower district in downtown LA to get roses, so we wouldn’t break the bank. You can also choose to tell your local florist your budget and have her show you different options until you find something both beautiful and affordable.
Keeping up with the girly tea party vibe, we borrowed various china sets from friends for everyone’s place settings. The miss-matched plates and tea cups added an eccentric touch, and proved to be another inventive way to save some money.



It is important to know that adding flare doesn’t need to be costly, and quirky touches like using a chalkboard easel as a welcome sign and bedazzling some branches in a glass vase can end up being what makes the party so memorable.
Aside from the decor, every party needs a cake, especially a tea party. We all know how pricey these designer cakes can get, but oh-so adorable! So, we were able to have a simple, yet elegant pink and white fondant cake by finding a photo of one we loved online and asking our friend to recreate it. It turned out so lovely that it ended up being the icing on the whole party!
Another inexpensive way to have a cute dessert presentation is to opt for cupcakes. Not only are they a major food trend, but it allows everyone to have their own personal cake (or two!) to nibble on with their tea.



We also created a festive buffet filled with platters of tea sandwiches, salads, biscuits, and cheese and crackers. The quaint finger sandwiches were a big hit! We had tuna salad, egg salad and cucumber with cream cheese. They paired perfectly with our assortment of teas and mimosas, because what’s brunch without some bubbly?
The DIY tea party proved to be a success and was the perfect setting to celebrate our friend’s baby shower!