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Elegant Gold, Pink and Bright Blue Christmas Tablescape
Elegant Gold, Pink and Bright Blue Christmas Tablescape
Making your house beautiful brings gratification all year round but particularly at Christmas time.  When the weather turns frosty and dark nights draw in, there is nothing better than just taking a carefully organized approach to your interior design by creating your very own at-home winter wonderland for all to enjoy! With just a little planning and some creativity, you can create a place where glorious family memories could be made. 
This season, I used mainly pieces I already had in our home to create this elegant gold, pink, and bright blue Christmas tablescape decor. Look through your cupboards, utilize your Christmas decoration and I am certain you have  pillar candle holders and candles lying around your home and get creative with everything you have!  You may just surprise yourself with what| you could come up with! 
If you would like to recreate this Christmas tablescape, most of it is from ZGallerie, Micheals Arts and Crafts and HomeGoods.

For my own table this season I had been going for a golden theme for my tablescape, therefore I grabbed whatever I’d lying in my house gold. I’d place mats, gold , napkins and napkin rings I had purched in ZGallerie. With my China I made a decision to place gold chargers to provide the placemats a pop up!

For the centerpiece, I wanted to add some color so I had  pink and bright blue Christmas balls, then placed it in a silver platter I had and added a wreath around it. I added silk flowers and glittered branches to add some shimmer and shine. Placing pillars from around my house that would combine nicely with the decoration.

To complete the room I added additional Christmas decoration that I had brought from HomeGoods and Micheal’s Arts and Craft in the past and some recently that I felt went nicely with my dinning table.  With a some love and imagination anything is possible.  Make your Christmas holidays elegant and merry this season, you will certainly impress your guest!

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