DIY Hula Hoop Wreath Tutorial

Hula Hoop wreaths are the hottest trend today for parties, weddings, photo shoots as well as home decor.  These DIY hula hoop wreaths are the ideal, eye-catching decoration for any function. Follow together and you too can create your own wreath using a hula hoop.



  • A hula-hoop
  • Gold spray paint
  • Spring green garland
  • Faux blossom flowers
  • Scissors
  • Floral Wire
  • Wire cutter
  • Hot glue

Start with a plain hula-hoop. If the one that you bought has a plastic coating or decorations, remove them. Then spray the entire hula-hoop with gold spray paint. You will need to do multiple coats to get complete coverage of all sides. Paint one side. Let it dry. Then paint the other side. Be sure to let the spray paint dry completely before adding flowers. Be careful, since you don’t want to scratch the paint.

Using hot glue and floral wire, I added the stems, starting from one side, and built in and up from there. I would place a little hot glue, and then secure that same area in place with the wire.

Once I got to the midsection, I swapped directions with my greenery.

Then I added peach and white blossom flowers. Use wire cutters to disassemble a large faux cherry blossom stem. You may find it beneficial to hang the wreath up before incorporating the blossoms. If the wreath is lying level, the blossoms may fall and sag when you hang this up. Tuck the blossoms into the green garland, and secure as needed with hot glue.

Add “Oh Baby” with fish wire and display your new wreath and enjoy! ! This hula-hoop wreath could easily be customized for any season or color motif — only pick a different paint color and blossoms.


As for all of the floral stems and greenery, I found those at Micheals or JOANN. As far as the chipboard “Oh Baby” I purchased in on Etsy


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