DIY Balloon Garland

Balloon Garland creates an ideal decor for any celebration! In this tutoriual I collaborated with Cotieri Party to instruct you how you too can create a balloon garland that will have your guests raving about it.

Creating a balloon garland is simple and fun, and with the countless colors of balloons available, it is possible to match it to any celebration theme. Customizable and simple, balloon garland is the best decor for birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, and much much more.

What You Need


DIY Balloon Garland Tutorial Steps

Step 1: Measure out your garland

The very first step to the DIY Balloon Garland would be to determine how large you need it. I simply took my fish line and just measured how long I wanted it on the wall.  Be certain that you bring a couple of feet to this dimension so that you have a little excess period as the balloons begin to fill this up. You could always cut the tail off in the end after you hang this up!

2: Blow up the balloons

That is where having the Air Balloon Vacuum allow it to be a game changer. It was so simple to blow up the balloons while catching up on some late night tv.

3: Attach the balloons to your main twine

After measuring that long piece of fish line, I attached one of the ends to one of my kitchen counter chairs to keep it still as well as to make sure the balloons are pushed to the end and packed in tightly. After blowing up each balloon in various sizes, I took a (brand new!) Fish line and tied it round the balloons knot and then wrapped the fish line across the ring a couple of times. (don’t cut the fish line as soon as you’ve completed the wrap simply repeat the steps ) Once connected, push the balloon all the way towards the end to ensure that the balloons are packaged in closely and there aren’t any gaps.  As you start attaching more balloons, you’ll see it start to take shape!


4: Hang and Adjust 

After attaching all the balloons that I needed to achieve the garland length I wanted, I tied off the ends and hung it up on the wall by wrapping one side with some of the balloons of the garland on the balloon stand and the other side with a 3mm hook. Then I corrected it as I saw fit by shifting around a few balloons to minimize openings so that you couldn’t observe the fish line running throughout the middle. I even blew some additional 5 inch balloons to put in throughout to fill in any gaps to give it some more volume, and add some dimension. You can also use faux flowers or greenery by simply placing them gently in between the balloons. Just do whatever you’re feeling when you step back to take a peek!

When you take a step back and fall in love with your DIY Balloon Garland, you are officially ready to party and capture memories! 


Here are some other Balloon Garland design idea:

I hope you enjoyed this super easy DIY Balloon Garland tutorial! This DIY is seriously the easiest way to add a special and whimsical touch into your next event. Are you dying to try it out for your next event? Let me know how yours turns out in the comments below!