Blindfolded Baby Changing Relay Game

Adding fun games to roll out in the course of the event, cannot only be fun, it can also be quite emotional for all the parties involved as memories created from such goes a long way. One exciting game that should be played at a baby shower is the “Blindfolded Baby Changing Relay Game”!

This is a game that elicits laughter, shocked expressions and euphoria from all parties involved. What more? The men can join in the fun. It’s hilarious to see the men trying to change their baby diapers. This shows how much they are prepared for the next big important phase of their lives; fatherhood!


To some, changing a diaper is like untying a Gordian knot, but it’s a worthwhile experience. However, you might want to see how many of you guest gets this right and the only way to know is to actualize this. How do you go about this?

  • Get a baby sized doll. For an added effect, you can clothe the doll in a blue outfit if you are expecting a boy or pink, if it’s a girl.
  • Share the participants into a group of two and give each participant a doll with a swaddle and a diaper.
  • Each doll should be placed on the game table alongside a diaper. Blindfold each participant to make sure their view is totally masked.
  • At the sound of a biggle trumpet or whistle, each participant should get to work!
  • The guest that uses the swaddle properly and wraps the diaper the right way around the doll the fastest is the winner of the game.