Baby Bloom Baby Shower

Flowers, flowers, flowers! This baby shower was covered in them! And what a perfect way to welcome a new life into the world by being surrounded by everything in bloom.



Pink, red, orange, and peach roses were placed elegantly throughout the party. Colorful rose arrangements sat in the center of faux grass runners at each dining table, putting a playful twist on a classic centerpiece. 



Even the walls were covered with paper flowers that added lovely pops of color to the white walls. A simple homemade banner spelled out the phrase “ Love In Bloom,” a perfect sentiment for the event.



The dessert bar had sugar cookies embossed with delicate icing flowers that were honestly almost too lovely to eat, as well as cupcakes topped with swirled buttercream and leaves that gave them a realistic touch. Along with dessert bar, there was also a real bar, and you can be sure we were all sipping on rosé as our drink of choice!



One of the most special parts of the baby shower was the “Words of Wisdom” booth. Guests were given the opportunity to write down advice and well wishes on paper flowers and hang them on a little board made of twine. A truly inspired idea that will surely leave an impression on the mommy-to-be!



This floral baby shower left everyone feeling rejuvenated and refreshed after being surrounded by such lush scenery all day. It was the perfect way to celebrate the new bundle of joy!


Photography: Mad Hearts Photography


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