About Me

As a woman in my late 20’s, I never saw myself wanting kids. I watched all of my friends in NY settling down and starting a family and I felt like no way this life was for me. But everything changed at a blink of an eye when I came to LA for a quick trip to help my sister move back home. I met my husband and a few months after I moved to Los Angeles. Our relationship happened so quickly and after a year of marriage I became pregnant with twin girls and my son came a year later.

Planning baby showers, I strongly believe, is something that came naturally to me. I first observed this in my first baby shower experience, which a friend and I had organized for our good friend who was also pregnant with twins. I really wanted to do something amazing for her but I had little to no experience in baby shower’s then. Without prior knowledge, I worked through each step of the preparation and coordination, right from making the banners from scratch to organizing mocktails and cocktails, food and deserts for the baby shower, and beautiful floral arrangements that fit the party’s theme along with interactive games for all to enjoy. At the end of the party, everyone including visitors and families were really impressed and wondered how I was able to come up with such a beautiful baby shower within our budget.

At that moment, it dawned on me that this is really my thing. I gained lots of recommendations from both visitors and families and this has led me to organize tons of baby showers events, all with different and eclectic concepts and themes that suite both mother and child. Trying out different ideas has made me learn new concepts as well as improve on what I already know and so far, the journey has been a an amazing ride. Over the years, I have single handedly organized and coordinated several baby shower for my friends, families and clients.

Considering the initial struggles I had in the beginning of this amazing journey, I passed through to become a successful baby shower planner. I decided over a year ago to create an e-book ”How I became a baby shower connoisseur, The unlikely tale” to give others a completed step by step guide and an opportunity to show you that creating a successful baby shower within your budget is possible.

I’ve been on a long, intense, electric journey to become this baby-shower connoisseur. Put your trust in me, as I’ve stated time and time again, this sort of thing is in my blood. Failure is not an option.