A Southern Charm Inspired Bridal Shower

There’s nothing sweeter than spending time with family and  good friends. It’s even sweeter if there’s festivities involved. One thing is certain, every Southern woman knows that when tasked with hosting a bridal shower, a hostess has got to be on her a-game. From the decor to the party favors, every detail has to be thought out. Nothing is too precious, and cute is a fair game.

This Southern charm inspired bridal shower is a great mix of classic southern charm with a touch of modern flair, pulled together by a soft color palette and a whimsical setting. Southerner’s  know that it wouldn’t be a proper Southern bridal shower without plenty of food. For this event they served up some classic home cooking with fried chicken, biscuits, salad, and mac & cheese and of course, they also had all the fixings and toppings that would last for days. 

As far as the decor, there so much I can say and I don’t know where to begin! I loved how vibrant the fresh peaches, mixed with unexpected pops of color like the Proteas. It made for a very unique vibe.  The pink boxes with a cherry sprinkle donut in it and the mini jams for each guest. I particularly love the way that they picked a more vintage-inspired set for the table setting. Each place setting was a combination of blue floral plates and classic china patterns. It all looked  super chic paired with the minted menus and blush pink table runners.


Created by: https://sugarandcloth.com/


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