A Rustic Vintage Los Angeles Bridal Shower

When planning her sister’s bridal shower they had several ideas for the bridal shower theme. But, finally decided on gold geometric as the focal point. The bride to be is a graphic designer and knew that geometrics really speak to her and her design style. So, when she came across some of the gold geometric pieces they she that was exactly what she wanted to do. She wanted the shower to have a rustic, vintage look and the addition of succulents gave it that feel. She also wanted to tie in the succulents being that she’s having a destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas- where succulents are readily found.

Once the theme was set, the bride’s sister started collecting gold geometric pieces for weeks before the shower. She found them online, at stores like HomeGoods, Marshalls and even borrowed a few from friends! For the food and dessert table I wanted to make sure I had different heights and elevation so that the food was showcased and so the food tables were part of the decor and ambiance. Food presentation is equally important to taste! For height I brought from home some of my wood wine crates. Those give amazing height. I flipped over baskets to use as stands, used cake stands..anything to give height. Of course, I then decorated the table with flowers and vases of different heights as well and more succulents!

All the food and dessert was homemade. They focused on a lighter menu- dairy and seafood only. So there were lots of salads- greek salad, beet salad, quinoa salad and more. There was also a variety of fish-smoked white fish, a ceviche dish, a homemade spicy tuna. We did an assortment of finger foods and salads. This also added to the dimension of the decor on the table. We also set up a nice cheese board which we put out as an appetizer. The nice thing about doing it as an appetizer was that it was actually eaten by the guests-whereas if you leave it with the main food, its often overlooked.


The food table turned out absolutely beautiful. But the show stopper was the ballon arrangement. I knew that a ballon garland would add to decor but I had no idea what a WOW factor it would give. It really took the decor and ambience to another level. The little touches are what make these parties one of a kind and the ballon garland was one of those. The bride said “you really surprised me what that.” The guests used it as a backdrop for photos- which was  nice because I didn’t plan for a photo backdrop! win win 😉

The special moment of the shower was when the bride was gifted a recipe box with recipes from her guest. Her reaction was priceless when she opened it and saw recipes included from her grandmother. We also played a game which used printed out faces of the bride and groom for all the guests to hold up in response to questions about the bride and groom (such as, who prompted the first kiss… and guests hold up a photo of the bride or the groom). This was a great way to get to know the couple and made for good laughs and amazing photo ops!