5 Must Do’s and Don’ts for Baby Shower Etiquette


DO: Let the mom-to-be in on the planning process.Do not surprise her. We repeat: Do not surprise her. For those who do, some ladies follow tradition and prefer to have the festivities after the baby arrives, while some might want to party in their second trimester before they get too uncomfortable and stressed about their impending arrival. Find out before you plan, and don’t forget to check proposed dates with mom and her closest family and friends so everyone near and dear can make it.

DO: Make sure you check off everything on this list of essential do’s to ensure the party is a smashing success from planning to attending, Baby Showers are such fun.

DO: Make a guest book. A thoughtful record of the celebration is something the family will treasure for years to come. Before the shower, ask each guest to prepare a favorite quote or piece of advice and an image to put into the book. Or, have everyone write wishes for the baby and put them in a special box that the child can pull from each birthday as he or she grows up.

DO: Offer easy food. Don’t host a brunch or lunchtime shower unless you’re planning a sit-down affair. Serve  easy-to-eat nibblies so guests aren’t balancing their meals, cutlery and drinks on their laps.

DO: Invite dad-to-be and his guy pals Why are men left out? Why are showers only about women? The dad-to-be is a part of this scenario, isn’t he? Why can’t dad’s friends be invited? Don’t leave dad out—it’s an exciting time for him and the new mom will love his participation. If the party is for the ladies, have the men (dad, the grandpas-to-be, dad’s buddies, etc.) make an appearance toward the end of the affair.




DON’T: Surprise the guest of honour.It was unanimous in our research—pregnant women and new moms just don’t enjoy surprise parties. (The last thing you want is for her to show up exhausted and moody wearing her pyjama bottoms.) Let her in on the party from the beginning—she’ll be grateful you did.

DON’T: Open Gifts In Front Of Everyone. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s torture to sit through that whole charade, not to mention it puts people on the spot. I don’t need a whole roomful of people judging the gift I purchased, especially when the designated scribe shouts out “Wait! What did Monica bring?” Then the honoree painstakingly details everything contained in my gift. Sheesh. This isn’t a birthday party open the gifts at the very end when most guests are gone except for a few of your very closest friends and family members.

DON’T: Bring children. Traditionally, this is an adults only event. Some people think that because they’re invited so are their children. It’s best to keep in mind that this is a party all about the Mom-to-be and Baby. She may anticipate an adult only shower. In reality this could be her last event without children for a while. Remember Baby will be here sooner than later! If you’re invited to a baby shower and would like to bring your child it is proper to ask the host if it is okay. If you are the one hosting the shower then there is nothing wrong with telling people that this is for adults only. You could put a polite message on the invitation or tell them as you give them the invite.

DON’T: Let it drag on. Nothing’s worse than a party that just won’t end. As long as there’s enough time for mom to schmooze with each guest and enjoy a slab (or two) of cake, two to three hours will do it.

DON’T: Subject guests to humiliating party games. If you’re a newcomer to the baby shower scene, you might not know that two of the most popular baby shower games are Guessing the Candy “Poop” in the Diaper and Guessing the Circumference of the Mom-to-Be. As their names might suggest, these games can potentially make things awkward. It’s best to skip them and do something that keeps everyone in good spirits, like toss and shout or the babys changing relay game. The mom-to-be gets to chill out on the sidelines as referee and choose the winner.